Jul 28, 2007

Lots of Questions

It seems that there are so many questions to ask and no one to answer them.

How do I explain how many children I have?
How do I answer "How are you?"
Where do I choose to bury the remains of our son?
What if we move, as we plan to do, what happens to his remains?
Is the garden an okay place to bury a small amount of tissue?
Should I plant pretty flowers around him as he goes back to the earth?
Will it ever not hurt?

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T with Honey said...

All right, some of these questions have a "well, that depends" answer.

How do I explain how many children I have?
Hubbers is right. In most cases "4" is the answer they are looking for. But if you are talking to someone who may need or want to know more then go with "4 here, 3 in heaven." Just be prepared to explain.

How do I answer "How are you?"
Is the person asking just to be nice or simply in passing? Or do they really care and have the time to listen? If it is the 1st case, then "Fine" or "Getting Better" is probably the right response. If it is someone that really cares then let the truth out, sister! That's what they want... to help and to listen.

As for remains, well, is it possible to bury them at the grave site of a relative? That way they would be somewhere special that would never be disturbed or sold.

Will it ever not hurt?
Not in this lifetime. The pain will ease but it will not completely go away until you can hold your baby angel in your arms in the next life.