Sep 24, 2007

Your Daddy

He has been so strong during this, your loss. We both miss you terribly, but Daddy doesn't show it, doesn't let it out. He keeps those feelings under his facade, but he still has them.

Last night, Daddy broke down and cried for you for the first time since we found out you had left us for heaven. We both want our baby back. We want you to know how very much we love you, miss you, needed you.

Your passing has blessed your daddy with the ability to feel more, to let it all out. He can cry a bit now, show me his feelings more. It's so odd, so wrong that the hole you leave in our lives can be called a blessing.

Not a day goes by where I don't think of you, darling. I know you are in the hands of our Father and safe, warm, happy. Pray for me and daddy, sweet baby, to continue on without so much pain.

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