Sep 2, 2007

Feeling Better

Honestly, I'm healing.

I'm feeling better.

I can think of Michael without crying.


RooBoo can't remember his name. She misses him and talks about him a lot. It touches them, too, which is so easy to forget in my own wallowing.

OldestGirl got very quiet when I spoke of wanting another baby.

CurlyGirl would love another baby.

TheBoy often asks me if I'm sad that our baby is in heaven. He's three, for heavens sake. How can he remember what happened 2 months ago?

God, is it really 2 months?

We added Michael to our family name button tree - his name and a guardian angel pin.

I'm healing.

I can see babies now without crying. I can see pregnant women without sadness.

I can hope again.

I'm charting my cycle.

I'm a lady in waiting.

Hear my prayer, merciful Lord.

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