Aug 21, 2007

The Waiting Game

My Dr put me on a week's worth of a progesterone supplement (Provera) to help clear everything out and "reset" my cycle. Today is day 2 without the supplement and I'm still waiting for the bleeding to start.

I'm very tired. I have some small cramping and aching hips. I can't cough without wanting to vomit. For me, these are all signs of pregnancy. Unfortunately, they are also all signs of progesterone. Except for the vomit-cough thing. That's my own personal lovely.

And it does make me get my hopes up, damn it. I hope that there is a baby. I hope that the bleeding will start so there can be a baby. I am just sick and tired of waiting.

Whoever said Patience is a Virtue ought to try being the mom in the first cycle after miscarriage.

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T with Honey said...

How about the frustration of a mom who's peak time corresponds with her husband being on the other side of the world? It feels like a wasted cycle.

But I'm really glad to hear you're feeling hopeful. Let's be hopeful and dream of someday together.