Aug 3, 2007

A New Low

I told the big blue mail box to go F itself tonight. The sign on it said that anything over 13 oz has to be taken in and handed to an employee or it may be returned. Safety issues, you know... I was trying to AVOID going into town to mail something for by using stamps.

Sucks to be me.

I dropped that damn book in anyway. F you, post office.

Stupid Nicole Richie, the same amount pregnant as I was supposed to be. Stupid her on TV that I hardly ever watch but did tonight. All the shit she has going on and I am the one who's baby dies? I honestly don't understand. It's all well and good that he's in heaven, but he's not here and that just f-ing hurts.

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Courtney said...

I hope the pain subsides. That child will always be in your heart... I always think of mine... but now I have learned to think of him fondly and know that though he and I never met face to face... he touched and is a part of my heart forever.